About Breadcrumbs For Clara

The website “Breadcrumbs For Clara” is meant to serve three purposes.

The first is to serve as a tool to help reunite Clara Anne Connolly Cook with her paternal grandparents, Gigi and Poppo. It is hoped that one day, when Clara is older, she will Google her name and discover the story of joy that she brought Gigi and Poppo during the first 2½ years of her life.

The second purpose of this website is to let Clara know that Gigi and Poppo still love her and consider her to be part of their family in spite of being unable to see her since April 16, 2016. Indeed, a place has been made for Clara in the Cook family home, marked by a chair bearing her name.

Clara’s chair, is the symbol for two tribute charitable donation campaigns in Clara’s name.

One is at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the other at the BC Cancer Foundation. Please refer to the links below.

Last and most important, it is hoped that Clara or someone representing their granddaughter will reach out to Gigi and Poppo using the contact page attached to this site.